More about our land.

Follow the red dots to see where we live

On the third picture the black lines show the boundary of the land we have bought although it is not fenced in.  That is because it forms part of a nature reserve, the boundary of which is shown by the blue line.  The red dot on the final picture shows where our cottages are built.  To look closer, please click on the pictures (I hope that works?)

We moved in this last weekend!!!!!!!

before getting too excited, we are still waiting for the transfer but have been given occupation of three of the four cottages for now.  They are really in bad shape and there is going to be a ton of work for us – luckily we can do this over the next few years.  This weekend we scrubbed and washed and got rid of 80% of the dirt layers.  At least for now it is habitable.

As I said in a previous post – the place looks way better with a little green (summer).  here are some summer pictures.

The above picture shows the view from my couch where I was lazing after The Big Clean.


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  1. Ahhh…you know I read this and perused the images, but it just didn’t connect with me that what I was looking at was thatched roofs. I was so taken with the beauty that I totally missed the details. 😉


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