Ideally, to live the life I dream about, I would live without money.  However, in this big bad world, money is still a necessity.  What I want to attempt to do is to use as little of it as I can, rather bartering and trading wherever possible.  For instance, when guests come to stay in our guest cottage, I do not want to charge them cash.  I would much rather they bring things to trade with, or even pay with goods (my friends tease me about asking for wine as a rental).  I also want to attempt to make as much as I can from scratch – not buying prepared foods, and then pushing that thought further – to make our own soap etc.

I know that I will not be able to grow and make everything  initially – it is all going to take time and tons of learning.  This then forces me back to needing some cash to pay for things I can not grow or make, as well as for water and electricity.  I don’t think Eskom is going to be open to trading a few bunches of carrots for power somehow.  We also have to pay a monthly levy to the conservancy where we live for the upkeep of the game.  We may even be able to trade for that levy and are already in discussions about us doing game ranging on the reserve as well as keeping the reserve fencing maintained, filling waterholes etc.

So the plan then is to trade with friends and family in exchange for guest accommodation, ask for cash from strangers for guest accommodation (or a combo of trade and cash).  We will also be building a tented safari camp in the future for more accommodation.

Be that as it may – I still need money now – so it has been off to work for me.  Working for a boss is not part of my long term plan but right now, it fills a gap.

I have searched for a position that would not take me away from my home for extended periods, where I would not be taking work home with me, where I will not be puzzling problems at 2 am. Basically, an easy-peazy job without stress.

I am now gainfully employed on a farm that has a fruit packhouse for mangoes and citrus.  It is very different to the international pharmaceutical marketing field, but offers me what I need right now. I am in charge of stock control and I also do the payroll.  Here are some pictures of my work:-

So far, the people seem very nice, and although the work can get a little hectic, it’s at a pace I can enjoy.


4 thoughts on “Survival

  1. I completely agree with your philosophy of money-free living.

    Oh the world we could have, if we did not abuse money as if it was some sort of game that billions of people around the world were just loosing.

    How do you feel now that you’ve left the corporate world?


    • Spencer – I am so happy I left. I must say that I was never really that comfortable with it. I think that I will have to deal with some fall-out though – ego issues mostly. I still feel the need to tell people that I did once have a rich life and a senior position in the corporate world and that I am living like this now by choice – I would like to get rid of this need and not worry about their perceptions. Thank you for coming to visit my blog.


  2. Sounds ideal but like you say we live in a world where money counts and counts it does! Saying I could join you in a flash if putting it mildly – the weather here is totally dreary – makes you feel grey just looking outside – I know that winter has it’s beauty but to be honest I think my African roots are entrenched and I long for those long hot days – where even the aridness is beautiful – then again too much of anything isnt good so I guess I would tire of that too – what I am batting on about is I wish I could find my Nirvana and you seem to – even if it is a thought and a plan at present you are working towards something so good and positive for you – so on that note I wish you luck and perserverance – and let me know what to bring when and if I visit – am all for bartering goods rather than trading cash! Heaps of love to you and the family


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