The Russian mail-order bride and the handsome real estate agent

Living in Hoedspruit has been an eye-opener for The Bean and I especially.  We have never lived in a rural setting.  The sense of  community here is amazing.  Yes, everyone seems to know everyone else (and their business), but I see this as a good policing tool.  One hesitates swearing at other motorists who drive like palukas – because you either know them – or they know you’re the new person in town, so……. you smile and wave. 

This statement from The Bean probably expresses it all

“Mom, the people here are so friendly that it’s freaky!”

That being said, there are some real funny people too.  Boy, if this blog was totally anonymous I could tell you some stinkers, however, because I have already provided a map of our whereabouts, we are traceable, and if anyone in Hoedspruit reads this blog – they will probably either know me or about me by now. I will try to keep it nice. {grin}

The story begins when word got out around town that we were looking for property to buy.  We had already called on some real estate agents who were very friendly and kind, looked at some properties that did not really suit us, and were gearing ourselves up for a long search.

Then the butcher told us that he knows this really handsome estate agent who was marketing a few properties that fitted the bill, so after negotiating his finder’s fee with the handsome estate agent, he arranged for us all to meet and see the land.

Well, we fell in love with the piece of land instantly and arranged to put in an offer.  The handsome estate agent seemed hesitant and not really pleased (which is strange for regular estate agents who are normally over the moon when they get an offer).  He said ” this is going to be a tough one”.   And we were to find out why.

The seller of the land apparently had a reputation of being a little “difficult”.  Firstly he didn’t respond to our bid within the prescribed time, but then when he did two weeks later – turning  it down flat.  The next day he stated the offer was ok but the terms were not good – so back to the drawing board.  Then no word or news from him for three weeks.

By this stage we had had enough and were ready to bail and just as we were about to give up we were asked to meet with the owner in Dullstroom, two hours drive away from Hoedspruit.  W could not make it, so I drove with the handsome estate agent to Dullstroom for the meeting.

Well you can imagine my surprise when the owner arrived with his wife, his son and his son’s wife for the meeting.  Firstly, I am not used to negotiating with a family when I purchase property, secondly the owner and son both looked slightly like Paul Kruger, and thirdly, the son’s wife is a pretty young blonde Russian who can hardly speak english, never mind Afrikaans which is the home language of the Owner family. Turns out, they met on the internet…….

As we left the meeting and strolled across the road to the car, the handsome estate agent got an sms from his sister asking him what he was doing two hours from home with an unknown blonde woman……{small world or what???} (Note to self: Don’t even think of having an affair in a small town)

It still took another month to get everything signed and sealed because the owner kept disappearing – now it seems that the title-deed has disappeared also, so the saga continues.  During this whole process, the owner turned down our offer about 5 times, however when we signed, it was for the same value as our first offer, and stranger still – the owner probably doesn’t remember turning down the first offers – things tend to slip his mind quite often.

PS:  Dear Owner and Owner family, please don’t hold this post against me and thank you for signing the offer.

PPS:  This whole post was written because of the following email I received from our (handsome) estate agent- who happened to read my blog:

“Hi I clicked on the link-nothing about internet bride and handsome estate agent?

Actually I’m impressed-when did you find the time?

Telling them about the seller could be a story on its own-world first-title deed takes after its owner”


{*********}  <——– the estate agent