Reality hits hard

When we were living in Europe, many people asked about the crime and violence in South Africa.  It is a reality.  Most of the violent crime is centered around the big cities however, and we were pleased to note that the majority of crime here in Hoedspruit is petty theft etc.

Our local newspaper runs a column each week on crimes reported and the successes reported by the local police.  It seems that they are quite successful in getting the bad guys.

This week W has been away in Johannesburg, so The Bean and I have been staying alone.  I must say that I have felt extremely safe on our property.  Last night, just after 10 pm W called to let me know that a local farmer had been shot – another farmer had called him because the baddies had escaped near our area.  The Bean and I were offered the option to quickly go to a neighbouring farm if we felt unsafe.  We opted to stay home together, but to sleep in one cottage and lock ourselves in.  We managed to sleep well and had no issues.

This morning when I arrived at work, I was told that it was my bosses father that had been killed. He was an elderly man who was recovering from having a stroke.  The murderers shot him through his window, and when his wife returned fire, ran away.  They took nothing with them.


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