A Neighbour

I will not be posting tomorrow, so thought I could leave you with this video clip of a neighbour of ours.  Her name is Jessica and she lives just along the river from us. We met her when we first arrived in Hoedspruit.  I would love to hear your opinion on this.


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  1. Hey Jackie
    There is a part of me that is saying “aaahhhh sweet” but there is a rather loud voice in my mind that says this isnt right – Jessica is wild and free and it isnt like they are reigning her in but obviously with the temptation of tasty treats she is not going to stray all that far – and just like with animals in the park it isnt right to feed them as then they will never really learn to look after themselves and is she able to completely fend for herself – I think not – she is obviously returning the them for her sustanance and is not really learning to forrage and look for her own food and that is not good and to be honest dangerous for the lovely hippo……I know though that I would probably be just like the family that has adopted her – with the heart I say great – with the mind I say not good!
    Keep the blogs coming – I read them daily!


  2. I agree with you Gabs. She really loves people and I worry that one day when she runs up to someone that does not know her she might get shot. She mixes with other hippos – what will happen if she has babies? Hippos need to be scared of people


  3. I got this comment from Tracey :

    Rob & I have debated this at length! Whilst Jessie is cute, she is still a wild animal and her wild instincts could surface at any time eg. during pregnancy or while protecting her offspring (should this ever happen); that is why it is always inappropriare to raise any wild animal like a domestic pet, the aim should always be to raise them like … See morethe wild animal they are and if possible, return them to the wild. That said, they saved her life and whilst her possible death would have fallen into the circle of life, I don’t believe her survival and quality of life has been diminshed in any way. Ideally they should have sought professional assistance to rehabillitate her. God Bless them for their efforts nonetheless.


  4. There was a programme about this hippo on Belgian TV, a while back, I think it is just amazing when people get close to wild animals, however, a wild animal remains just that, and if something should happen, people should accept it and not blame the animal, that’s my feeling anyway…


  5. I understand all the comments and agree.

    And yet a greater part of me feels that even if this type of wild-domesticated relationship is “fleeting,” isn’t that the nature of all relationships? And if for a time, this relationship captures, perhaps exemplifies the union of species, the bonds that can be created, how powerful is that? What a miraculous example for the rest of us, who still struggle to get along with those of our own species?

    I am less concerned about the potential harm or injury (although as olivia suggests, responsibility must be accepted should this occur), and more inspired by the energy it releases to those of use who are privileged to share in it.


  6. I completely agree with everyone here. Its great to see that a barrier as big as being different species can’t stop the formation of friends, but also that to see that we should take Jessica as an example. I think all governments and politicians should watch this and learn a lesson or two from her! 😉

    But I also agree that responsibility needs to be taken shoudl anything befall anyone, and that the family should be prepared to accept the responsibility and not just blame her, and other people shouldnt blame them. If they aren’t prepared they shouldnt have her.

    However there isn’t much we can do about that, so I’m just wondering, is Jessica still hanging around? Has anything new happened in her story since you put up the video? Its an endearing story to say the least! I wish them all the best.


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