Talking to inanimate objects…

I have quite a reputation in my home for talking to myself, some say it is the first sign of insanity – I say that I don’t have a communication problem with myself – we get on rather well in fact.

One problem I do have, that I have noticed getting worse – is the fact that I talk to other things too – many of them non-living.  I’m not too worried about the animals, birds and trees because that can be seen as being rather ‘new age’ and is currently acceptable in green circles. It’s the security booms and elevators that I thank, that worry me. This is not the swearing at your PC  thing – or shouting at your car – those things can be explained (in a way) – it’s the polite “thank you” and smile that I give to machines that move for me.

I was going to keep this all under wraps, and see how it progresses for interest sake, however, I have started to greet this fellow every time I go to Sleepers Restaurant

Can you see him?  Lets look closer………….

Being friendly to this fellow is not in itself a problem, however, there are normally quite a few people sitting near him that watch our interaction and snigger a little.  The more I tell myself to remember that he is not real and that he won’t be offended if I don’t greet him, the more I forget to remember and then I greet him again.  So to all you folk out there who frequent Sleepers, please bear a thought for my dilemma and either just smile and wave, or try being friendly and say “Hi” to the poor fellow too.

PS:  Sleepers is a superb restaurant and bar in Hoedspruit.  It is built in the old Hoedspruit station and has a fantastic ambiance – click here to see their excellent menu.  The food is always crisp, fresh and very inviting.  It’s a tough thing trying to remember that I need to make my own food now and not spend too much time eating out with restaurants like this around.

Do you talk to strange things?


2 thoughts on “Talking to inanimate objects…

  1. I think its perfectly sane to speak to this gentleman, and perhaps one day you’ll hear his courteous response too. 🙂

    As for those that snicker, let them. They clearly need to see many, many more people like you enjoying life and engaging it fully in all its glory (wooden, or not). Think of yourself as the can opener that gives them the chance to peak at what’s inside (themselves)–if only they dare!


  2. I think its perfectly fine that you speak to anything! I’ve known many wonderful people and artists that did. I think that being able to communicate and convey your thoughts or whatever you want to say to “empty air” just makes it all the easier to communicate successfully with other people.

    Another thought, Ok, I know this is going to be VERY VERY weird soudning, and I don’t really belive it, but maybe you are talking to someone who isnt really there if you get me? Maybe the little man has a soul. Or maybe when you are talking to yourself, the you in a parallel world is talking to someone. Just a thought, though I’ve never realy believed thats why I talk to myself, its a bit comforting. I talk to myself if I have to think… as in if I’m trying to remember what homework or lessons I have, or if I’m questioning a painting I’m working on, should the item be here… or here… no I like it like this, but what if I tilt it a bit…. I have, however found myself talking to my deceased grandmother quite a bit. Particularly when I’m stressed, when I would ordinarily want to talk to her, but we never even spoke the same language when she was alive, but we were very close. SHe’s my names sake: Mirella- me, Emira- her. Same base.

    The weirdest thing though, I think is when I talk to my dog. I have two, and one of them I talk to normally, in English. The young one though, Ever since I brought her home two years ago I just always spoke to her in French! My mom told me it creaped her out, so I speak to her in English if my mom’s in the house and French whenever else.


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