Life rushing by….


Slowing down is not as easy as it seems.  Moving away from the city and giving up a hectic career are only part of the answer.

Now I must learn to stop and smell the flowers, take time out to just breath.  I need to spend time in meditation. This is all going to take a while because my natural rhythm is still…rush..rush..rush.  I have a tendency to still put off the breathing, meditation and nice smelling flowers because I “just don’t have the time”.  I have always said, if someone really wants to do something – they will find the time to do it – and this is really something I want to do.  I guess I just expected it to happen naturally.  It doesn’t……

I plan to take up art again and to join a local yoga group.  I really want to savour each moment of my life, to enjoy the special times I have with W and The Bean and to get in touch with the earth and my soul again.  I guess I need to stop telling myself to hurry up and slow down.  I believe the recipe is to  Love, Laugh, Learn and Live (slowly).  It’s a tough lesson to learn……..but I will.

2 thoughts on “Life rushing by….

    • Hi Slamdunk – thanks for popping by. Your blog looks very interesting – I need to spend some time there and do some reading. I hope our move turns out to be as successful as yours 🙂


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