More visitors and some random stuff

We have our first visitors here from Europe already – and we have not even moved in properly.  Our home looks like a tip and today they will be there with W – walking in the bush looking for animals and swimming.  Tonight we will have a braai (BBQ) with them and then send them off back to the lodge where they are staying.  I hope they are not disgusted.  Last night while I was doing washing and cleaning frantically (where the heck does all the dust come from) we had some surprise visitors pop over for a drink, so my cleaning was stopped and we had wine instead – much nicer than cleaning, and it was great to see them.  It looks quite festive doesn’t it?

Actually – that’s quite a bad photo now that I see it properly. Our guests are from a nearby game lodge where they work, called Shiduli Lodge.  As you can see if you click on the link – they are used to working in the lap of luxury – hope our humble dusty home wasn’t too much of a shock to them.  They also brought Bundu to visit.  Fred wasn’t too chuffed.

He drank about 50 liters of our swimming pool.

Anyway – we have the lounge area almost sorted.  Our Belgian furniture looks a little funny in a bush lodge.

My biggest problem area inside, is the kitchen – I have great plans for a renovation but this will have to wait until more pressing needs are met – like a new water tank and a pool pump and filter.  We also need to paint and repair some of the thatch roofs.

In the middle of all the cleaning and visitors, the really handsome estate agent sent me a message, telling me to quickly photograph the sunset – the moon would have also been above the mountain.  I really tried to do it – but got caught up in the mayhem, and I missed it.

Ah well…… still it was a pretty evening.  Again, as you can see, I am still rushing, and the weekend will be more of the same.  I promise to start slowing down on monday.

I will leave you with this picture – a common view for us – these balloons pass over our home almost on a daily basis.  They take off from Otters Den probably around 5.30 am in the morning and float over us around 6am.  They land around 7ish near my work (if the wind plays ball) so I follow them all morning till I get to work.  I would love to take a ride on one one-day but the prices are a little out of our reach unfortunately.

Be back on monday – hope you all have a grand weekend!