Fred and the Bean(Stalk)

When we made the decision to move to Hoedspruit, one of my biggest concerns was that the Bean would not settle.  She is a self-professed city girl – and she hates bugs.  I asked her if she would be prepared to try it out, to give me two years of her life while she finishes school, and then she can decide if she wants to stay or go.  It was very selfish of me… yet I want so badly for her to love it here like I do.

The one member of our family that I was not worried about was my big hunting cat, Fred.  Larger than life, brave as ever – I just knew he would love prowling in the bush. Fred has never been scared of anything – he even loves chasing dogs.

These two have both surprised me.

Firstly, Fred became a real scaredy cat the minute he arrived here, staying indoors day and night for the first week – we could not lure him out of our cottage.  I think the country smells were just too much for him.  I began to worry.  For week two and three, Fred resorted to his instinctive nature and became totally nocturnal – sleeping in the cottage by day and slipping out a bit at night.  We are now nearing the end of his third week here and for the first time yesterday he ventured out in the daytime to sit with the Bean and watch the bush.

The Bean on the other hand, has been pretty determined not to like country life, although I have caught her having fun few times now. She misses her friends dreadfully, but is slowly starting to settle in her new school.  She has a few friends at school already, although because most of them are boarders, they are not around for fun times on the weekends.  What has really amazed me about this beautiful girl, is that she has found some creatures and creepy-crawlies that she just adores!  Don’t let her see a chameleon – she makes us stop the car so that she can pick it up and play with it before putting it safely back in the bush.  She has touched a huge python, and has a severe addiction to bush babies.  She plays with baby frogs and lizards almost daily.  Amazing…..

When I took the photo above yesterday evening, my thoughts were that they are both pretty much at the same point now – starting to settle in to their new home.  They seem to have more peace about their move.



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