Bending issues

I know nothing about Buddhism. Yet, coming from a Christian background, it has always attracted me.   I think it may be for three reasons – in my mind, Buddhism promotes pacifism, natural health and a strong connection to nature.  Whether this is true or not is something I need to look into, however, these three issues are very near and dear to my heart.  The way they seem to connect their beliefs to their whole being is also inspiring – the mind-body-soul thing.  These are the things that I thought about when I decided to try yoga.  I started practising yoga in Europe, one day a week, with a lady who gave lessons at the Bean’s school.  It was very relaxed and we did not learn much about the philosophy behind yoga. I loved it and my body loved it.  I noticed a significant improvement in flexibility within a few short weeks.  I also loved it because I was introduced to meditation – an instant cure for the stressed life I was living.  These lessons ended in July last year – just before we left Belgium.

Yesterday evening I joined a yoga group here in Hoedspruit.  For one hour we did yoga and then for the following 45 minutes we learned about meditation.  I slotted right back into the groove but my poor body again has some bending issues flexibility problems.  I know things will improve quickly and I look forward to my next lesson.

I met some wonderful people at the classes and I look forward to learning more about them.  One lady has travelled to China and learned some meditation techniques up in the mountains there – how awesome is that!  She is also very much into the slow-living philosophy so I think I will learn a lot from her.  She radiated peace, energy and happiness.  I just love people like that.

I have much to learn.

I am going to spend some time reading about Buddhism – I must say that it is the philosophy and not the religion aspect that I am interested in. I also need to know more about the theory behind yoga.  And finally – I am going to spend some time reading about and practising meditation.

The center where I attend yoga classes is beautiful with huge glass and wood windows opening out onto views of the mountains and bush.  They also offer Tai Chi and Taebo.  I will try to get some photos to share with you. 

I find it hard to explain my experiences with yoga – it is both simple and powerful, calming and invigorating.  I hope to experience more sensations as I get deeper into it.

“Coincidentally” {I don’t believe in coincidence} a psychic blogging friend of mine also started her yoga classes again yesterday.  She had the most awesome experience which you can read about here.


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