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One of my favorite blogs to visit is down—to—earth written by Rhonda Jean.  She is currently running a series on her blog called You, Me and the Kitchen Sink where her blog readers get a chance to send in pictures of their kitchens and to tell us all a little about them.  It has been really interesting seeing kitchens from all over the world.  Recently Rhonda called for more submissions and I was tempted to send in my non-kitchen.  However, I decided that it would need more explanation than a paragraph so instead, I am going to show you how we prepare our food, here on this blog.

Firstly to be clear – when I say “we” it is mostly W who does the cooking when he is home. I potter about with food when I get time on the weekends.  I do want to become more involved in our daily food.

In our kitchen we have a sink, a few cupboards and a two-plate gas stove. We do also have a fridge and freezer. You can also see how much fixing-up we have ahead of us.

We only use the gas stove inside when we have bad weather which is not often, or when I make a fry-up for breakfast. We also use it sometimes to boil water for tea and coffee.

I hesitate to put up the above photo because everything looks horribly dirty! I do tend to mess quite a bit when I cook but I promise that it all gets cleaned straight afterwards.

Here are some sweetcorn fritters that I make almost every weekend – they go down really well.

Our main cooking area where most of our food is prepared is found outside.  This is our braai (BBQ) area.  As you can see there is also a small oven below where we can make a fire for baked foods


Until I have the oven figured out, we are using our Weber.

This is where W prepared the food below

We still have a far way to go with our food preparation and much to learn, especially because we will be moving away from using many commercial products as soon as our food has grown.  A giant leap from the food we prepared in Europe – a few samples below…

Here’s to our new home, our new way of cooking, and all the hard work that lies ahead of us.  Cheers!


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