Blog changes

As you will see, I have made a few minor changes to the layout of my blog.  Firstly, I have added a widget in the left hand column showing the phases of the moon.  This is to help the handsome estate agent with his calculations so that he does not send me on any more wild goose  moon chases.  It will also help me with my vegetable planting.  Planting by the phase of the moon is apparently a perfectly acceptable, even advisable practice in our area. Most of the farmers do this. I guess it makes sense – I have so much to learn!

I have also added the little stars you see at the top of each blog entry.  These are for you to rate my blog entries.  This will really help me see which posts are more popular and also what you would like to hear more about.  If you have a moment to run through some of the old posts and rate them I would be very thankful.  If you click on the first star it will rate the post as poor and on the last star as excellent etc. 

I also get quite a few emails from friends who read my blog  – don’t be shy, I would love you to comment here too. Any feedback however is wonderful to receive. 

Thank you for reading my blog.