Sense and Sensibility

I had my second yoga and meditation class yesterday.  Last time I posted about my yoga lessons I promised a picture of our studio.  I tried to take one last night but struggled with the light.  I wish I could show you how beautiful it really is but getting the light right when you photograph out of a darker room is a little too much for my blonde brain.  The room is so peaceful and tranquil and the view is absolutely breathtaking with the green trees reaching out for miles and the sun shining on the mountains.

Looking at the photo I think I need to take a picture when the sun is a little higher in the sky – that should work. I know a couple of you are stunning photographers so some advice please.. Sam?  Olivia?

On the yoga – I am already noticing extra flexibility after just two lessons.  The lessons here are quite different from the ones I took in Belgium.  We do the same poses really but I do miss they way we started overseas laying flat on our backs doing a visualisation and breathing.  We do open with breathing here, but it is more active.  Also, we don’t close off with a relaxation, however because the meditation classes start straight after, I do get my relaxation in anyway.  I just feel that the people who do not stay for the meditation lose out a little.  On the positive side, we focus much more on our breathing with each movement here which is a good thing.  Also the fact that our teacher makes us hold our tummy muscles in for the whole lesson is painful really good.

The meditation class is just awesome. Lisl is busy taking us through different methods of getting into meditation.  Last week we did chanting which can be quite daunting when you are new, in a class full of strangers.  It turned out to be really great.  This week we did it by walking…..very very very slowly, focusing only on our feet and leg muscles, feeling every tiny movement as your feet raise and fall, feeling every tiny touch as your heel, sole and toes touch the ground.  It sounds rather strange but was great. 

I got to thinking afterwards how important our senses are to being in the present – not worrying about yesterday or tomorrow.  The easiest way to be real, here and now, is to feel it, see it, touch it, smell it and hear it.  How much do we just block out through the day in order to rush on with our tasks – that is just not living in my mind, although I agree, it is necessary to block out some stimuli otherwise we wouldn’t get things done.  Think of it this way – take something you don’t like – like washing dishes for instance, and try this.  Feel the water on your hands as if you have never felt water before, touch the tiny gentle soap bubbles and feel how fragile they are – listen to the squeak of your sponge on the dishes as they come clean, smile at the glint of clean shiny dishes  – that’s living in the now.

Because of the pressurised lives that most of us lead today, it is impossible to notice every touch and smell we encounter every day.  We need to remember to take time out to notice our sensations, to slow down and just be.

The good news is that many people actually do this unknowingly – by having hobbies.  It is at times like these when we are enthralled in our woodwork, photography, scrap booking, etc. that we are taking notice of all our senses, living in the now and just being ….. and it’s good.


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  1. Your yoga sounds alot more active than my class .The studio looks gorgeous !! You are so right with the mediation and with living in the now,it is a great pleasure when you take the time with even mundane things to take the time to actually be Present,be in that moment.All of your worries then fall away.
    You might like Eckhardt Tolles book “The Power of Now “:)


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