One of the things that I plan to do more of as my life slows down, is to paint again.  I tend to go through phases in my life where I paint quite a bit then patches where I just don’t feel inspired.  Living in the beautiful environment that we do is so inspiring, I just don’t know where to start.

While I was living in Europe I played with “painting” on the computer using the facebook graffiti program.  Here are some examples of my work. They were mostly done just using my mouse as a paintbrush although I did use a tablet and pen for 3 of them. 

I want to move away from the computer side of things and get my hands into some real paint – I can’t wait!


9 thoughts on “Painting

  1. OMG!!! Love your work. It is just gorgeous. Since my hubby is also an artist, I couldn’t resist showing him your stuff, and even he was impressed.


  2. Gosh Tas. Thanks for the compliment. I dont see myself as an artist though. The inspiration is too sporadic. Its more like just playing really.


  3. Wow Jacks, I saw some of them before. Can’t wait to see some real paintings with real paint! hope you slow down fast so we could enjoy more of your beautifull work!!!


  4. 10/10 for ‘the face in the darkness’ great work! 🙂 look forward to seeing some in real paint soon!!!


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