Topsy turvy

Sudden things have happened here in Slowvelder land that need to be dealt with and sorted out.  Some of them are really not nice. I feel like I have been put through a wringer!  I will be back in blogland as soon as I can get my feet on the ground.  I need lots of positive energy and prayers right now if you can spare them.  Thank you.


6 thoughts on “Topsy turvy

  1. Hang in there Jacks. You are tough, it’s just a pity you have to keep digging into those reserves. Hopefully from here on up your life is going to progress to happier days. Plant your own garden …


  2. You are always in my thoughts – and will be more so now – hope things are soon calmer again – lots of love xxx


  3. So sorry that these are difficult times for you, despite your change. As you know, I’m sure, that this is the way of the energies that prevail all around the global right now. The location, the situation and the faces differ, but the energy is the same: deal with it, or go down fighting the changing tides.


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