A sign

When I decided to move here I was influenced by the fact that I really felt the need to connect with the earth, to get my hands into the soil, produce my own food – real earth food and to bond again with nature. 

After a few months here of trying to get settled, I really felt that I was in the right place and time but things were not all good at home.  A friend of mine who often gives good advice said last week that if something keeps cropping up in your life over and over again, it is the universe’s way of showing you that this is a lesson you need to learn.  For me, I had a definite issue, so I opened myself up to the universe and asked out loud for guidance on what to do.

Within a week I received a very clear message as to what was going wrong, and unfortunately it was something BIG. So big, that my life as I know it has undergone a permanent change that is quite heartbreaking. It has been a really hard week coming to terms with this – well,  it knocked me for a six.

Luckily for me, the Bean had been packed off for her school holidays to her father, so she did not have to experience these days with me. I spent quite a few days alone in the bush.  On the second day, after a sleepless night of anguish, I tried to take an afternoon nap.  The heavens opened and it poured with rain – the dry earth, that had not seen water for almost three months, just sucked up the moisture and the bush was washed clean.  After the storm, when I gave up on trying to nap, the very same friend recommended: – If your energies are all over the place go for a nice walk today to help ground yourself,  – so I put on my hiking boots and walked out into the still dripping bush.

It was very quiet and you could hear the drops of water falling to the ground from the wet trees.  The air was fresh from the rain and the sky was still a little dark from the clouds – just then the sun peaked out from the clouds and this is what I saw

My photo just does not do it justice.  It was the strongest most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen, reaching strongly and firmly from horizon to horizon.  The colours were vivid with many shadow rainbows reflecting off it.  I was filled with the most unbelievable feeling of peace and the strong knowledge that all will be good and well and that I am on my right path.


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    • It was an awesome experience. Through this whole ordeal I have felt the presence of a very strong force surrounding me and protecting me and allowing me to go through this.


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