♪ sugar-sugar ♪♪

Today at work we started testing for sugar and acid levels in the current grapefruit crop. There are certain ratios that are requested by different countries that import the fruit from us.

Each country is very specific about how much sugar they want in their fruit and this got me thinking about sugar. Most humans appreciate sweet tastes.

Sugar was produced in India since ancient times. It was not plentiful or cheap in early times—honey was more often used for sweetening in most parts of the world. During his campaign in India, Alexander the Great was surprised to taste the sweetening agent that was different from honey.  To read more about it click here

A little bit of sweetness is needed in everyone’s life.  I don’t enjoy eating too many sweet things.  What adds sweetness to my life right now are these two

I am so thankful for the blessings and joy they bring to my life.  What adds sweetness to your life?


7 thoughts on “♪ sugar-sugar ♪♪

  1. While I try to find some ‘sugar’ in all of the tasks I do, my best source of sweetness is my spouse. I’ve never met a more forgiving and patient man 😉


  2. what brings sweetness into my life is my husband and my daughter. I love them so much more than any chocolate, honey, or sweets in the whole world .. ha ha ha.


  3. My sweetness – is the wisdom from the Holy script – the word of God!
    When good or bad comes my way, I open the Old Book, and the sugar and sometimes the sugar and vinnegar …………………….
    But He wil always be the sugar in my life, I must just keep on asking for the sugar!
    Does this make sence to you! I can only love and live by His word!


  4. Sweetness for me is seeing one of our little kids experience something for the first time: from blowing bubbles to seeing the view from on top of a mountain, it is always the best.


  5. Ouma’s comment is beautiful! I agree, my faith in God and my precious husband & little Girls – they are my everything.
    I’ve often wondered why I was born with such a sweet tooth – it is a curse – perhaps it has something to do with the fact that my maiden name i Alexander ??? Damn him for approving of the taste of sugar …


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