As you will know, if you have been reading this blog for some time, the Handsome Estate Agent and I have an ongoing challenge for me to catch the full moon, over the mountain, on camera. I have been on numerous wild moon chases to no avail because I was always following his advice.  For the last two months I have been studying the moon closely and have done some reading-up too.  You see, the moon is not as predictable as the sun.  Sometimes you see the moon in the day time, sometimes you see it at night.  Also, it seems to set at slightly different places on the horizon.  Because of the position of my property and the position the moon sets – I have to cut it really fine to be able to line up the moon and the mountain in the same photo.  I don’t think the Handsome Estate Agent understands how difficult it is for me because the angle of his farm makes things so much easier – for him the moon always sets over the mountain.  From my place sometimes (read often) the moon misses the mountain.  The first thing I found out was that at full moon, the moon is (almost) opposite the sun (duh!) and therefore will set as the sun rises.  This fact on its own creates a huge problem – I have to get out of my bed early.  Another problem is if it is too dark, my camera won’t see the mountain properly.  The trick to this is to try to catch the moon a day or two after full moon when it sets just after sunrise.  That is today. And I caught it.

Something else I learned,  when the moon sets, it comes towards the horizon at an angle, so if you start following it too early, it will look like it’s going to completely miss the mountain. See these three below and you can follow the line:

Don’t you just love how the atmosphere magnifies the moon just as it rises and sets?

So….Mr Handsome Estate Agent – I’m ready for my next challenge.  I must say that this was so much easier in winter than in summer because the sun rises (and full moon sets) at a more decent hour in winter.

Here is my favorite moon song for you today.  Please don’t think that the lyrics are in any way significant to me now – I don’t want anyone getting the wrong ideas. It’s just one of my favorite songs.


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  1. Beautiful! But tell me, try as I might, I haven’t found this Handsome Real Estate Agents photo anywhere on your blog. How bout posting a copy, or directing us so we “get the picture” too 🙂


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