Weekend round-up

The braai (bbq) on Friday night was great after a few hiccups.  My phone battery went dead and I missed my meet-up time, but after a frantic drive into town and with the help of Kyle at the Wimpy, I managed to get my phone plugged in and arranged to meet up with Mr A (our Handsome Estate Agent has asked for a new identity) who got me to the braai in the middle of the bush.  Met some great new people and ate really good food.

On Saturday I spent the day at the Sustainable Living Festival. 

It didn’t start off too well because the first thing I wanted to attend was the “stop smoking” hypnotherapy workshop which was cancelled at the last minute.  Unfortunately the man who was running it  had an emergency in Johannesburg.  I spent quite some time looking around the stalls – there was so much to take in.  Solar power seemed to be very popular.  I found a really nice stall run by Sylvia and Nipper Thompson.  They have an organic farm near Haenertsburg (about  an hour and a half from Hoedspruit) and make all their own cheese in an old copper cauldron.  They have tons of other products too.  I picked Sylvia’s brain for ages because she has so much knowledge that I still need to gain.  The photos of the farm look gorgeous (just like in the movie ‘Babe’) and I can’t wait to visit the farm.  They offer cheesemaking tours, cheese platters in a rustic atmosphere, forest walks and group tours of the farm.  The farm is called Wegraakbosch Organic Farm (click for more details)

Another stall I loved was from a shop called Live Naturally situated in White River (also about an hour and a half away from Hoedspruit).  They stock a wide range of products that we are not able to get easily here – organic, whole and vegan foods, natural remedies and supplements, cold pressed oils and honey, organic and environmentally safe cleaning products as well as organic and vegan make-up (gosh I didn’t know they even make stuff like this).  I am interested in their seeds and grains mainly because I want to do sprouting and also make humus etc.  Their prices don’t look too bad and they are even considering a once-a-week delivery to Hoedspruit.

Then, as I walked around my eyes fell on these  (please excuse the really bad photograph)

What, you may ask, are they?  These are worm farms for vermiculture.  I have been interested in getting one for ages but the prices have been so prohibitive – well not excessively so, but they just sounded more expensive than they should be. Hesitantly, I walked up to the stand to enquire and I was pleasantly surprised.  Ashley Anderson of Wormsgalore explained that her worm boxes are locally manufactured (another plus) and are therefore really well priced.  She was very helpful and took her time to explain and answer all my questions and by the time I left her stand, I was an owner of my very own worm farm. I must say that as I was making the purchase the heavens opened and it poured down so I sat with Ashley and her husband for a few hours and really got to know a bit more about the workings of her business.  This is a truly local product and is available in Johannesburg and Cape Town and Ashley will also post her products to you wherever you are.  If you have a moment you can visit them at Wormsgalore. I am going to have some very happy veggies in my garden.

I also attended a ‘Internally Healthy’ workshop that focused on issues that we can change and issues that affect us including dealing with our own health on a physical and emotional level.  It was presented  by Lisl Bennet and Maureen Lahoud from our local yoga/wellness/ Tai Chi Center.  They are both excellent presenters and we even learned a few new exercises that can help focus the mind and oxygenate the body.  I’m giving them a try and will let you know how it goes.

I left the festival before the evening entertainment but the Bean attended and thoroughly enjoyed the band and party.

There was plenty to see and do.






As the Bean was sleeping over at a friends house, on Sunday I slept in really late – one of my favorite things to do, and then made myself a good breakfast.  I don’t often cook if I am alone so this was an exception.

My breakfast for one – it was really yummy.

Then I set up my new worm farm – buts that’s for another more detailed post.  I hope you all had a fantastic weekend.

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  1. What a great weekend. I will admit my ignorance, though, why a worm farm? Except for using them as bait when fishing, I’m not sure why someone would raise them. 😉


    • Tas, they are composting worms. I will use them to make compost and fertilizer for my veggie garden. I have just written a post about them but if you are interested take a look at vermiculture on google – lots of good stuff


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