This is my new worm farm.  Quite nifty isn’t it?


It was really easy setting it up, and now I don’t have to do much at all for a few weeks until they get settled.  You tuck them up in the box above the tray with a tap, in newspaper, wood chips and some food scraps.

Then you just cover them up with damp newspaper and let them settle for a week or two before you start feeding them. 

Eventually after a few weeks I will be able to tap off the worm tea (pee) out of the tap, dilute it 50 x and use it to fertilize my veggie patch.  After three months I will add a provided additional tray (above the one you see now with the lid) and the worms will move up into the upper tray and the lower tray will be filled with juicy compost for my beds.

If you are interested in starting your own worm farm contact Ashley at wormsgalore. She is very knowledgable about vermiculture and will be able to supply everything you need.


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