Wild animals

In a very unfortunate incident, a local 25-year-old girl was killed a few days ago on a nearby game farm.  She was kicked to death by a giraffe.  Apparently she was out in the bush walking with her dogs when her dogs  ran towards some giraffe.  A mother giraffe who was protecting her baby kicked out at the girl who was trying to grab her dogs.  My colleagues all knew her and her family.

Giraffe are naturally placid creatures who will run away from anything scary – however, they are still wild animals who will die trying to protect their young.  When I sit and watch them on my land – I am amazed by how gentle they are.

We need to remember – they are still wild animals and as such, are potentially dangerous creatures – no matter how gentle they seem.

3 thoughts on “Wild animals

  1. All deaths are sad, but you are so correct in your assessment. Animals and humans always react when they think their baby is in danger. I guess we just have to remember that while nature is beautiful to look at, we still need to respect it.


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