Cat naps

Fred is driving me nuts!  As winter approaches he has started wanting to climb in under the duvet with me at night.  He insists in sleeping between me and my arm – basically with his nose in my armpit, no matter whether I am sleeping on my back or front.

I can’t imagine anything worse than sleeping with your nose in someones armpit – no matter what it smells like.

If this was all, I am sure we would both get a good nights rest, but the silly fellow needs to regulate his temperature so after lying under the duvet for a while he gets out again till he has cooled off then wants to get back in again.  He has learned that I sleep quite deeply so when he wants re-entry he meows and gently digs his nails into the soft flesh near my armpit so I will lift the duvet for him. Again, and again….and again.

I love my sleep and I love my cat.  I could banish him from the room but I can’t bring myself to do it.  I guess I will have to get used to less sleep.


8 thoughts on “Cat naps

  1. You must adore having again this lovely creature nearby, I have just remembered how much you missed him while living in Belgium! He looks quite nice regardless of the night disruptions.


  2. Do you think it is something that we do that makes our cats strange? Aslan spends most of the early hours of every morning lying across my head and taking occasional dabs at my face until I wake up, having woken me he then wants to chew my wedding ring – only problem being that it is attached to my finger!
    My theory is that I cannot have normal pets – some thing in the way I treat them makes them odder than normal. Mind you Holly – the orignal cat – was one of your kittens and she behaved oddly for 18 years so maybe it is all your fault! Not that I would change them at all – Aslan is sitting at my feet waiting for me to throw his scrunched up ball of paper so he can fetch and bring it back to me – there is no sweeter cat!


  3. I agree with Annie. I don’t think I’ve had a “normal” pet. Mittens (a black cat with white paws) insists on sleeping between my legs. Of course, she insists on positioning herself as if a crossbrace (forming an A out of herself and my legs). Of course, every time I roll over she gets knocked over, but she won’t give up. She simply crawls back and butts me with her head until I move to accommodate her. 😉

    Thank you for the smiles with this post.


  4. Or teach him to crawl under the duvet cover without you raising it for him. I have one that will crawl under by herself, the other needs ‘the gate’ raised and then takes her time deciding whether she REALLY wants to go under.


  5. Yikes–that must be frustrating. Fortunately, I am up all the time with diaper-needs and other stuff so when we had a cat and the new dog figured out that they need to sleep elsewhere if they want any rest at all.


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