A case of mistaken identity?

The more I look at snake pictures, and also a helpful hint from The Handsome Estate Agent  Mr A, the more I think our friendly visiting snake is a spotted bush snake and not a boomslang – so after all the fuss he is probably not venomous at all. I think. If I’m correct in assuming, that is……

Picture from here

Mr A even says my picture featured in the post below looks like a spotted bush snake – but I got that photo from Wikipedia so it must be correct?  Right?  It seems as though many people make this same mistake.

Anyway – just to let you know – Mr Snakey is still resident in our veranda roof.  Maybe he will be gone when we get home……..

3 thoughts on “A case of mistaken identity?

  1. Sounds like the same problem we have with coral snakes and milk snakes. 😉 Well, let’s hope it’s the non-venomous snake that’s gone when you get back.


  2. Do you have any idea of my total snake phobia??? Opening your blog is like some kind of “confront your worst fears” therapy!!! We had a totally for sure boomslang in our tree in front of the house last year and I still have the shudders! I did make my poor daughter sit and watch it devour a bird – to make sure it didn’t vanish while we found the cats and brought them into the house – so I probably deserve your punishment! Glad your visitor might not be deadly!


    • Sorry Annie 🙂 – as you can see I am rather fixated on this darn snake. I have confirmed last night that is definitely a green bush snake because it has a bright blue tongue. I could not see him last night so he may have left us alone.


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