Power play

Yesterday morning our electricity went out with a sizzle…

If I could, I would live without electricity. In fact, for the first two months on the reserve we lived without it.  We used lanterns for light and had a hot water donkey to heat our water.  The only problem was living without a fridge and freezer, especially with the temperatures we experience here.  I have toyed with the idea of getting solar power and I think I will eventually go in that direction, however, as far a I can find out – solar power is not good for fridges and freezers – so for those appliances one would have to go for gas.  Currently i can not afford gas appliances or the solar panels so….electricity it is.

The electricity we have right now is not good because it has not actually been turned on – we get a trickle that comes through the lines by accident.  I can only have the electricity turned on when the property is in my name and I get an electricity meter installed.  The previous owners fiddled with the wires to raise the voltage of what we have and yesterday morning their fiddling sizzled and died.

We have managed to get it working again, but barely enough to run the fridge and freezer and geysers.  The lights are very dim.  The guest cottage is the only one with 220 volts now so we are running an extension from there to the fridge and freezer in the cottage next door so that the appliances do not get damaged. 

The really good news is that if all goes well, the property should be in my name by the end of the month.  Then I can get this all fixed.

{ Before I get any lectures – just want to let you know that I was fully aware and informed about the power issues when I bought the property and that I have planned for the electrical overhaul that will be needed 🙂 }


4 thoughts on “Power play

  1. Goodness gracious…and good luck to you with all of that. As much as I would love to go solar, the hurricanes make it difficult (as do other restrictions, like cold food, as you mentioned).



  2. actually since South Africa is located adjacent to the ocean, couldn’t your country’s energy businesses (or government if you have socialized energy) build enough hydroelectric turbines to provide hydroelectric power to the whole nation?

    another option would be to see about making and/or using gasoline and diesel from oil extracted from algae…it is very plentiful after all and regrows very rapidly…..and I imagine would combust more cleanly than gasoline or diesel derived from crude oil…read an interesting article on that here in the States….sounds like a promising fuel and energy alternative

    there’s also nuclear power….natural gas power….what I’d like to see happen is to derive a way to harness the power of lighting to power whole cities for years from a single thunderstorm….but I don’t think that’s gonna happen anytime soon….LOL

    could also try like the Romulans in Star Trek and use artificially generated black holes as a source of power….LOL!!!!


    • hehe – I love the lightning idea. My lack of electricity however was no fault of South Africas power suppliers but of dodgy wiring and the fact that until the property was mine I could not request the energy suppliers assistance. Only the owner can do that and he doesnt give a damn.
      I must however look into what research is being done here regarding electricity supply – I think they are doing stuff but I am really not up to date


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