A strange winter and the moon (again)

This is my first winter here in Hoedspruit.  The weather is much milder than in Johannesburg, and  just like summer in Europe except for the number of daylight hours.  It gets lighter earlier here than in Johannesburg and gets darker sooner because we are over to the east of the country so our daylight hours are limited after work – actually they don’t exist.  This is what it looks like when I arrive home most days – other days its darker.

This photo was taken at the reserve gate looking out towards the mountains where the sun sets.  See our fancy car-on-loan (thanks Trace and Rob – again).  The people here in Hoedspruit also say this winter is strange though.  Everything is supposed to be dry and brown already but our bush is still lush and green. 

This is the farm gate

and road in towards our home – once you are in the reserve


and this is where I saw the honey badger the other night

 The only reason I could take these pictures last night was because of the full moon – otherwise it looks just like this…

Seriously………………  it gets so dark here that even the light from your headlights and torches gets gobbled up.  It makes the stars look so close that you could reach out and touch them.


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    • 🙂 I sure will try. I have tried to get them on camera but my camera is not good enough to photograph stars – I will keep trying though


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