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Last night a group of us drove to White River (an hour and a half’s drive) to watch a documentary being shown at a tiny theatre there.  We don’t have a movie theater in our little town.  It was a short movie then we drove all the way back again.  Three hours of driving and one hour of movie – funny things we do here for fun. It was such a cute little theater – you can even order food from the nearby restaurants and they deliver to you in the movie theater while you are watching the movie – drinks too.

We went to see The Quantum Activist

Definitely my kind of show.  Having studied in the sciences I pride myself on my knowledge – until I listen to someone like this and realise how little I know – very, very little.  Because my knowledge of quantum physics and mechanics is limited I guess he could have told us just about anything, however he has really good references and he talks with such conviction – and what he said really made sense to me – what I grasped of it anyway.  I would love to see it again and again – or read the transcript because there is so much of value in the movie that one tends to lose stuff by the end.

So what’s it all about then?  Prof Amit Goswami, a nuclear and quantum physicist tells us how he has proven scientifically that God exists – in detail.  He is such a down to earth man who speaks openly and honestly and with a subtle sense of humour.

I am sure there are many folk who would argue and disagree with him –  but to argue with a quantum physicist – one would have to be a quantum physicist yourself to get anywhere – and that I am not.  I liked the movie. A lot.

To read more about the movie click here, and to read a decent review click here.

I really recommend you see this if you can, even if science is not your scene – it’s still good.

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  1. Sounds utterly fascinating! Although I don’t work in the sciences, I do read a lot of science books and journals, so this should be right up my alley…thanks 😉


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