World Cup Fever

Today the soccer world cup starts in South Africa. Our country has gone crazy. For some amazing pictures take a look here.

I am not a soccer fan. I am however, a fan of South Africa hence the new blog banner which I will leave up for the duration of the world cup.

People all over the country are blowing vuvuzelas.  It’s a constant background noise – even here out in the countryside far away from the cities.  This morning we even awoke to the sound – huh? – we live in the middle of the bush – I wonder where the giraffes got them from?

Can you tell that I am not a photo editor?

I have been watching the whole process for years now – I remember when SA was awarded the world cup – years ago.  South Africans are funny people – sadly many of us are infested with negativity – the nay-sayers came out of the woodwork from day one. The majority of comments I heard were about how there was no way we would ever be able to get everything done on time, how badly things will be done, how the organisers will take it away from us because we are so pathetic and how the crime levels will make everyone stay away.

Well it’s here, everything is ready and the visitors have arrived.  I am not saying that we have everything done perfectly – but its all been done with gusto and goodwill. We know that our team is the underdog. Realistically I will be very happy if we win a game. (Can you see what we are like, with that statement?)

What I find really funny is  now we have a group of people who are criticizing the nay-sayers – telling them that they have no right to show patriotism now and get all excited about the world cup because they were not supportive initially. We are really weird.

What is so awesome right now is how all nationalities, creeds and cultures in this country are standing side by side in the streets, laughing, shouting and cheering our team on – no matter what.

We have managed to do it for the rugby world cup, the cricket world cup and now the soccer world cup, as well as for the african games – surely we should now have the confidence to stand with our heads held high and say – “We can do it!” and get rid of all this negativity.

Go Bafana Bafana!


9 thoughts on “World Cup Fever

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  2. There’s always irony when confronting negativity with negativity. It’s like the old “NO NEG” button … no negativity…in a red circle with the slash through it. Flip it around to relishing the positivity and the unity and grow that!

    Anyway, this world cup may be just what the doctor ordered! Go Bafana Bafana! May you win…at soccer and at unity!


  3. It’s interesting, but normally I’m not into sports of any kind (oh, maybe a little golf ;-), but I’ve been watching the stuff about the WSC simply because it was being held in your country.

    Us folks over here will keep sending you some positive energy and warm wishes, and maybe a push or two to your team. Who knows, they could surprise you and win the whole thing 😉


  4. “What is so awesome right now is how all nationalities, creeds and cultures in this country are standing side by side in the streets, laughing, shouting and cheering our team on – no matter what.”

    I’m not a sports fan either (well, I love rugby but that’s a whole other story), but, as an anthropologist, I love watching the action around the World Cup. It was so amazing to see what happened in Germany during the last one: Germans, who hadn’t proudly waved their flag in the streets since WWII, were finally finding that it was ok to have a bit of national pride. It was amazing to see.

    I’m glad that SA is getting it’s big chance at moments like that. 😀


  5. Hehehe I loved this post, were DID those giraffes find them?

    Although I’m in the UK and I have one, so they aren’t that hard to come by. Wish I was there blowing my support for SA.


  6. I am not a big fan either, but will watch some of the matches and enjoy the excitement. I hope you get some rest over the next few weeks despite all of the extra traffic and noise–even away from the cities as you say.


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