Starting art classes

Yesterday evening The Bean and I joined a local art class.  The group makes use of the art classroom at The Bean’s school and is taught by a wonderful lady called Anne.  We were told to “just arrive with your wine” and everything will be taken care of – and it was.  I think there is something different about a group like this in a small community versus one in a city setting.  From the first moment we were made to feel welcome by all, and also there were people there that we already knew – Maureen the dance teacher, Mr A, and Mark and Wendy – our local doctors. There were eleven of us altogether which is a nice size group. Everyone was really light-hearted and the jokes flew.

Anne explained to us what we needed to do for the evening, gave us a little demo and set us loose on all her art supplies.

On our first piece of paper we had to draw eyes, nose and a mouth using a soft pencil and charcoal.

Then we had to cut them out and arrange them on a larger piece of paper and then draw in the rest of the face and paint it.

This was the demo by Anne

Anne's demo that took all of 5 minutes!

Even pets were welcome but he got rather bored so he went to sleep on his moms handbag.

Many of us laughed rather hysterically at the results of our efforts – it really isn’t easy judging size if you draw the individual components of a face separately.  My end product looked rather like a lovely transvestite. (That word alone should increase my website hits)

A little slide show of the evening…..

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If you live in the area I really recommend Anne’s classes.  If you are reading this from abroad why don’t you consider joining Anne on one of her art safaris.  Click here for her website.  I for one will be back for more. I just loved it!


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