Lost in translation

We are going to be hosting a German exchange student soon.  Her name is Hannah and she will be arriving on the 11 of July.  She comes from a small town in Germany and is already chatting to The Bean on email.  Hannah will be going to school with The Bean till September.  Hannah’s mom has been in contact with me and they have asked lots of questions which I have answered best I can.  I think we lose a bit in translation though, as Hannah normally has to clarify with The Bean before they buy the wrong things.  The girls wear khaki coloured tackies (running shoes) to school.  It was quite difficult to explain these shoes to them until The Bean told Hannah that they were stone coloured.  It only occurred to me afterwards that I should have just sent a picture. A picture says 1000 words.

Another thing that caused a bit of confusion was the word “torch”.  I told Hannah’s mum that Hannah must have a good torch.  Hannah asked The Bean what a torch is – I didn’t even think of calling it a flashlight.  The Bean explained to Hannah that it was a stick with a light on the end that you use when camping. I only found this out a few days later.  I can imaging the German family thinking we are a pair of crazies – especially when you would need one of these

I know that Hannah and her mom have already started reading this blog so I would like to say sorry for not being clearer in my emails.  Please ask me many times if you don’t understand me – sometimes I am not that clear – even to my loved ones 🙂

We are really looking forward to welcoming Hannah into our home and we hope that she will have a wonderful time that she will remember with joy.

Photo from http://www.faqs.org/photo-dict/phrase/5256/flaming-torch.html

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  1. Ahhh language. As one who works with words for a living, I can’t tell you how it fascinates me to note the many different meanings words can have. I will have to remember that “tackies”, though, for us if something is tacky, it’s either in poor taste or sticky 😉


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