Fighting with paint

Last night was our second art class.  I really need to get to grips with acrylic paint – it really confuses me.  I have experience with oils and with water-colour but acrylic is baffling.  It’s like oil paint that acts like water-colour so I get all muddled up in the middle of my picture and can’t figure if I should use a wash or lay it on thick so I mix it all up.

Our task last night was to do a tonal painting using black, white and one colour.  It gets the brain cells going for sure – it’s rather difficult to figure out the right shades.  Here is my attempt.

And Bean’s

Again, the class was a blast – what a lovely crowd!


5 thoughts on “Fighting with paint

  1. Jackie, as usual yours is very good! So pls cum do Table Mountain 4 me.
    As for the beans efforts…shame…just jidding, t’was a good attempt !


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