Out on a winters day- Blyde dam

Saturday at the Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve

Few will ever forget their first glimpse of this breathtaking gorge, the third largest in the world and one of South Africa’s scenic wonders.

Its scenery is unsurpassed, its vegetation both varied and lush and the rich selection of bird life includes a breeding colony of the rare bald ibis.  Just over halfway down, the swift-flowing Blyde River is joined by the Ohrigstad River from the west.

Here engineers have built an unobtrusive dam wall in a bottleneck below the confluence. The result is the Blyde Dam. The Blyde Dam is the heart of the reserve. It is from this dam that we get our water on the farm.

Wildlife in the Blyde River Canyon area is as varied as the habitats. There are mountain reedbuck on the escarpment, dassies on the canyon walls, hippo and crocodile in the Blyde Dam, and impala, kudu, blue wildebeest, waterbuck and zebra on the Lowveld plain near the canyon’s mouth.

After some good wine at the waterfall we had a late lunch at the Upperdeck Restaurant in Kampersrus (about 20 minutes from home).  Their pizza’s are really good!

What a splendid day out!

Edit:  The entrance fee into the nature reserve is only R10.00 per car (Euro 1.00) – real value for money!

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11 thoughts on “Out on a winters day- Blyde dam

    • Yeah – our winters are really mild here mostly – our outside temperatures in the middle of the day reach into the 20’s still (C). Just the mornings and evenings get a little nippy. The greenery is not supposed to be there – it is usually very very dry here in winter.


  1. Beautiful photos. They bring back many stunning memories of awesome trips in years gone by. I look forward to making new memories up there with my little Girls!


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