It’s getting easier

Last night at art class we were set free on “proper” boards and canvasses with a whole pile of idea’s on landscapes – I love landscapes.  I was in my element but took a little long so didn’t finish my piece.  I’ll finish it up next week.  The work that was produced by the class was outstanding – sellable even (is there such a word?)  I would pay money for many of the pieces.  Unfortunately my camera battery went flat before I could get shots of them all but I will try to get some from Anne – she sent me this picture of my painting.  I felt much more comfortable with the acrylic paint this time round – I guess you just have to keep on playing with it to get the “feel”

As you can see – still lots of work to be done on it.  It’s not my usual style so I am really looking forward to seeing how it turns out.


Tomorrow morning is not going to be a very nice for me as I have to return to the doctor for a biopsy (fine needle aspiration.) Please keep me in your thoughts.  You should have seen our doctors paintings last night – they are awesome – I hope I can get pictures of them for you to see.


11 thoughts on “It’s getting easier

  1. Beautiful…looking forward to the rest.

    So this is the medical dilemma you were writing about… I’m sorry you are going through this right now. Please just try to stay present with it. You are in my thoughts and prayers that everything works out perfectly!

    Hugs, Shamballa


  2. Look at all the friends you have keeping you in their prayers and thoughts.Hold onto that-thinking of you.


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