Slowvelder improves her DIY skills

The problem:  One broken window pane

Step 1:  Remove old putty and broken glass

Step 2:  Put in glass and new putty

I know you are supposed to make long sausages with the putty and then push it in but it wouldn’t work that way, so I improvised.

Step 3:   Remove excess putty and neaten edges

All done – I will paint it when I paint the window frames.

Looks simple doesn’t it?  Well…….

War wounds: Elbow


Blood, sweat and tears !

But I did it!


8 thoughts on “Slowvelder improves her DIY skills

  1. I’d imagine the first time is the hardest. Live and learn–even in DIY projects. With the next window, perhaps you won’t need to draw blood 😉


  2. Manuel – the Spanish Bandalero – would like to know whether you put some putty in underneath the glass ? With wooden windows – we prefer to run some silicone under the glass instead of putty. If you like – Manuel can come and visit and teach you how to do a whole lot of things. Give him a room, place to walk and he is at your command !


    • Yep – I did put little worms of putty on the other side too – arent you proud of me? You and the Spanish Bandalero are welcome to come visit anytime – it would be great!


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