Art update

This week at art I was supposed to finish my landscape but I forgot to keep the picture I was working from with me, so unfortunately it will have to wait till next week.

Instead, I worked on a new picture where we were learning to mix chalk pastels, wax pastels and ink washes.  My picture turned out looking rather antique, but I like it.

And here is Mark’s picture that I told you about last week.

I just love it – it’s already hanging up in his house.

I have attached a slide show below on new paintings as well as ones still being worked on since last week because I didn’t show you them all (due to camera battery failing).  There are some really great artists in our group.

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2 thoughts on “Art update

  1. Beautiful! Your picture looks like something you’ll find in the museum department for impressionists in Paris. I love it!


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