And now there are three

Our exchange student from Germany arrived yesterday. We were lucky enough to get both the girls onto the same flight so by the time I picked up the Bean and Hannah at the airport they were already firm friends having sat together on the plane.  The Bean had been in Johannesburg with her dad, step-mom and baby sister for two weeks.  So now there are three girls living alone in the bush.

Hannah is staying in our guest cottage which I had to frantically fix this weekend so that it would be ready for her.  This is what I was dealing with.

The really dirty walls were pitted with holes some of which used to have lights.  Firstly, I had to figure out why there was no longer power at these points, fix that, and then install light fittings.  There are VERY few light fittings for sale in our little town and what I saw I did not like – as well as being terribly expensive.  Instead I bought two light shades from sidewalk salesmen and put them up.

It looks better when it is on

Then I had to put up curtain rods over the window and door – look at the holy wall!

I have invested in a drill and a laser level – they came in very handy although I did have a bit of a learning curve with the drill.

A quick scrub of the room and the bathroom, hung the curtains, and this is where Hannah will stay for the next 2,5 months. (With miss-matching linen.)

The bathroom scrubbed up reasonably well although it still needs loads of work.

I really am getting into all this DIY work – I find it challenges me in ways I never imagined.  Also this weekend there was no blood, so I guess I am improving.  I hope Hannah enjoys staying here and finds her cottage comfortable.


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  1. It looks quite comfy, at least in the pics. And the bathroom looks huge. Congrats to you in getting all of that done so quickly (and without any bloodshed;-)


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