Artwork completed

Things are so hectic at work now, when I wake up at 5 am, I hit the ground running, and by the time I get to bed round 10pm I don’t even get my hand onto a book before I pass out.  It’s a long, long day at work and tempers are starting to fray, my child(ren) are being neglected and I ask myself over and over again why I am doing this when I escaped to the country to slow down.  I don’t think I am going to do another citrus season at a pack house.

I did however manage to slip away and attend our Thursday evening art class.  I was glad to finally complete my tree landscape – remember this?

Well it’s finished

I rather like it but need to live with it for a while before I decide if it will go on one of my walls.

I will be back when I can – I miss my blog


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