Looking for mojo.

After a few snide comments from a friend about being sick of my artwork, I thought I better post something here. Thanks to those of you who have kept coming back, even during the drought – even you friend – yes.

I seem to have lost my blogging mojo, partially due to horrendous work hours while grapefruit and oranges overlapped at the packhouse, and partially due to me falling into another deep black hole the doldrums about the breakdown of my relationship.  Both were rather unexpected and threw me off centre for a bit.  I am, however, on the mend and things are looking up at work so please expect to see more posts shortly.

Over the last few weeks my major highlights were a visit from my family for a weekend, and also having Hannah with us (our exchange student).  In amidst of my blue state we have also had quite a bit of fun while I try to teach the girls to drive.  The Bean drives relatively well already except that she tends to stop rather slowly, while Hannah gives us whiplash whenever she stops.  The farm is a great place to learn to drive and the animals seem very accommodating and tend to stay out of our way.

It was so great to see my some of my family members again, and especially wonderful to have my Dad here.  It is the first time that they have seen the farm, and I was so worried that due to my fathers ill-health, that he would never be able to see it.  Even greater news is that his health has taken an unexpected turn for the better and he is doing so very well now.

The land is really very dry now and we have to continually scoop leaves out of the swimming pool.  I think the rains may come a little earlier this year – well I hope they do, because they are anxiously awaited. Last year they only arrived in October. Still, there are not many places where you can swim in an unheated swimming pool comfortably in the middle of winter.

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4 thoughts on “Looking for mojo.

  1. Glad to see you back and hope you are able to keep feeling better- I have become accustomed to hearing your news – which is very selfish on my part seeing I am not the greatest communicator! We are also at the learning to drive stage – as you say farm roads are good practise grounds – but ours never seem to get us beyond 2nd gear! Anyway glad you have a bit of mojo – think mine has left to live with someone else!


  2. The pool looks cool-first rain always close to oomPaul’s birthday-10 Oct-sure you’re too young to remember the public holiday!Also glad you’ve re-discovered your moyo…


  3. I understand busy, but am very glad to see your pics and words once again. Glad you had a good time with family, and wish you much luck with the driving lessons 😉


  4. Yeah, slo…no complaining from you about the temps! Glad you’re back. I think all of us understand that either because you’re busy, blue don’t have anything much to say, sometimes we just need to be quiet…


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