Poetry in motion

Last night I joined our local poetry group.  Those of you who know me may now lift yourselves off the floor and stop laughing.  I know.

We had to select a poem that had something to do with farms, farmers or farming and present it to the group.  I was totally out of my league and realised this as soon as they started quoting William Blake.  The ensuing discussions were very interesting and mostly revolved around segregation, racism and classism.  The group was very interactive and because there are some very interesting characters within the group, I was totally engrossed and often amused.  Luckily we ran out of time before I had to present my poem as I had chosen a lovely little ditty about a farmer and his tractor.  I am really deep.

I look forward to the next group meeting – I will have to do some serious homework first though.


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    • Thank you. A friend of mine has promised me a HUGE party when the blog hits reached 10000 – will have to see if that happens 🙂
      Who mentioned anything about intellectuals? Lol


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