The weekend in pictures

This weekend was very busy.  On Saturday we went for a gentle walk and meditation with our meditation group.  It turned out to be a strenuous mountain climb when we took a wrong path.  We climbed, scrambled and scrabbled up a very steep mountain to try to get back on track and ended up about 20 meters from where we started!  Turned out to be a great day and we still managed to get our meditation in too. I am incredibly stiff from the climb.

On Sunday the girls and I spent the day in the Kruger Park.  Winter is taking its toll on the landscape and it was very, very dry, however we were lucky and saw many of the animals.  I would still like to show Hannah a leopard and hyena so we will be going back for more before she goes back to Germany.  After 12 hours in the park we were hot dry and dusty so we had a quick swim in the icy pool.

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