German cuisine in the African bush

Last night Hannah treated us to a traditional homemade German dinner.  I think she was rather brave because it’s the first time she has made these – ever.  Normally her Granny makes them for her.

She served  mehlklöβe with sausages and a fresh cucumber and sour cream salad.  Mehlklöβe are flour dumplings that are boiled in either water, milk or broth and can then be fried in butter if desired.  I had to make the sausages as Hannah is a vegetarian.


500g flour
3 eggs
Mix flour, eggs,  salt and pepper.  Add water until mixture gets sticky. Mix well. Drop by teaspoonful into boiling water. Cook about 20 minutes.
The boiled dumplings can then be fried in butter if desired.  (Hannah did this for us but ate hers unfried)

Apparently they are also good with soups or stews. Cook them right in the same pot with your soup or stew.

I really enjoyed them and managed to save a few to bring to work with me today for lunch. Yum.

Thank you Hannah!