A view of Hoedspruit

Here is a short video of Hoedspruit.  This is where I live.


3 thoughts on “A view of Hoedspruit

  1. Looks like a Beautiful area and Beautiful Country! My Father was there working in the US Embassy years ago and said South Africa was one of the true highlights of all his world travels. Have a great day! 🙂


  2. Hi, I lived in Nelspruit ,when the road between Hoedspruit and White River was still dirt and there were no primary schools anywhere in the area, apart from Uplands at White River and Nelspruit Primary at Nelspruit,So I remember the long trip when we went to Heoedspruit to stay with my cousins, when school broke up for the vac, and the wild animals on the side of the road.(its probably still well populated with wild animals, but I haven’t been back for years). Long ago! My family farmed in Hoedspruit and tinned Tomato puree( amongst other vegetable dehydration processing) in the family canning factory. there. Their farms were taken over by the army, (pre 1994) I don’t know whats happened to the land since. But there is no place like the Lowveld, for flora and fauna, it has a special place in my heart and you are richly blessed to live there, even if it doesn’t look a bit like the Hoedspruit I knew.!


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