An unusual lizard

While enjoying the views of the canyon this weekend, we came across this little fellow.

I was surprised to find, when I looked up what lizard it was, that it is quite rare and only found in a tiny spot in South Africa. (The red spot below.)

This picture that I took is of the male of the species.  He is a Sekukhune Flat Lizard (Platysaurus orientalis). The female of the species is plain brown with a black back.  Female Sekukhune Flat Lizards lay two eggs in a rock crack in early summer. Their diet consists of  insects and caterpillars.

Don’t you think the scientific name sounds just like a dinosaur?  He looks a bit like one too.  Maybe the dinosaurs were also rainbow coloured?  What a beautiful world that would have been!


2 thoughts on “An unusual lizard

  1. He is an absolute beauty. I’m not really very into reptiles – I know they are important just like all other flora and fauna and should be valued and protected but they are just not my thing! – but that one is quite something and makes me thing maybe a don’t appreciate lizards enough!


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