Out and about – The Blyde River Canyon

This weekend we spent some time at the top of the canyon.  In one of my early posts I wrote about the Blyde River Canyon  – click here to read all about it.  These are some pictures we took.  This is probably my favorite spot in the world – not that I have gone everywhere, but I have  had a good taste of many places.

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Where is your favorite spot in the world?

To put the canyon in perspective take a look at the two photo’s below.  The red dot is our property and the green dot is Mariepskop – the mountain top that I wrote about recently here.


6 thoughts on “Out and about – The Blyde River Canyon

  1. I really enjoyed Animal, Vegetable, Mineral. Glad you are reading it!

    She has another book, fiction, that might interest you. It’s Prodigal Summer. It’s about 3 people’s lives on the land and how the connection they have with nature really is the story of their own personal growth.

    (I also loved it because it’s set in my mountains!)


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  3. I was on Mariepskop for 18 months (1978 to 1979) and visited all that beautiful places around there. One day I want to go there again to take my own photo’s and to enjoy the most beautiful part of South Africa.

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