Unusual road signs

Many areas have road safety signs that are specific to the region.  Today I am going to put up a few we have here in Hoedspruit and the surrounding area which may be a little different to the street signs you are used to seeing.

The two pictures that follow really do have a lot to do with safety.  They are real problems here and will kill you especially if you are speeding and can’t stop in time.

The following sign, initially makes people laugh, but there are some very sad stories behind this  sign.

I would love to see other strange road signs from around the world – if you have any in your area please send them to me at theslowvelder-roadsigns at yahoo dot co dot uk   – I will post them up on the blog with your comments for everyone to see.

Here is one similar to those put up during the frog season when we were living in Belgium


7 thoughts on “Unusual road signs

  1. Definetly not signs we would see here in Texas…..with the exception of the drunks sign. We have no drunks crossing signs…..they just crawl across the road anywhere and everywhere! 🙂


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