What do you do?

Within the slow living / green/ eco/ frugal blogging community there are often challenges that people take part in – challenging their readers and fellow bloggers to do something that will impact their lives –  hopefully for the better, and at the same time will help reduce/reuse/recycle things and reduce carbon footprints.

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I often look at these challenges and think that I should join – then I say ” just not right now” – “because of this or that”.  One that I am especially drawn to is the 100-mile diet.  I am going to do that one. One day.

Today I joined a challenge.  I think I can do this one. Because I do it already.  Baby steps… right?

I have joined the Hang ’em Dry Challenge started by Crunchy Chicken on her blog.

The challenge is to not use a tumble dryer at all during the month of October.  I do not have a dryer so I think this challenge is achievable for me and will get me into the swing of things.  It also reminds me of all I am already doing to reduce my carbon footprint.

How does this impact the environment and you?

Why bother?
Here are some of the benefits (depending on how much laundry you do)

  • You save in energy costs.
  • You reduce your carbon emissions by about a thousand pounds or more
  • You create less wear and tear on your clothes
  • Air drying eliminates static cling
  • If you dry outside, the UV light from the sun can help disinfect clothing

Are you going to join us?


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