Back to art classes

Picture 220

Art classes started up again this month and as you can see Scruffy is still attending – he was rather low-key last night though. I believe he spent his day with some horses.

This week we played with masking tape and spray paint.  I again made the mistake of not using a reference picture so was really not happy with my result.  I must remember not to do this anymore – it’s an error I keep repeating.  I am tempted not to even show you mine but to be fair I will put it up.  The Bean’s turned out so well it will be going into the exhibition in November.  We have two new ladies in the class who produced stunning work.

This is Anne’s example which she again painted in 5 minutes – this is what they were supposed to look like.  I don’t think anyone got the right effect although some good pictures were produced.

Picture 202

This is my one. No comment.

Picture 212

Below is the Bean’s work – she does not like working with paint yet did a wonderful job!

Picture 201

The others follow:

Picture 211

Picture 210

A few people are still finishing up paintings that were started a while back so they did not take part in the exercise – this is what they are doing.


Picture 214

Picture 213

Picture 209

Picture 208

Picture 206

My winners for this week are the fisherman (Heidi’s) and the washline/fence (Angela’s). Awesome work and a delightful evening – poor Alf was the only man there and he just shut-up and painted while we were all girly. It was great.


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