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Currently we are getting our electricity from the house next door.  This is a temporary measure until I can sort out my own electricity.  Those of you in S.A. will already know that dealing with our national electricity provider can be an issue.  I put in a call to them a few months ago and they arranged for some gentlemen to come out and do an assessment.  Thereafter I would receive a quotation to have a box installed and turned on for my home.  The service was quick, the guys that arrived were helpful and friendly. I was impressed….until I received my quote. My word!!!  Just because my home is on agricultural land I have to pay a huge premium just for them to flick the ‘on’ switch. Really huge compared to someone living in a regular house on residential land.  I don’t understand why, as I will be getting the same type of electricity and my usage will be the similar.  In fact I will have to pay three times more than a normal residence.  Now this is where my personality gets in the way of reason. I refuse to accept this so I have just not had my power sorted out. I know I will not be able to change their minds, still I dig in my heels.  I have the same issue with my medical insurance and so I still am without that too.  I know that both of these decisions are detrimental to me. I just can’t make myself pay these huge corporations. They are bullies.

On Sunday we had a power outage. It is the first one since we moved in (not counting the time that our wires had a little burn-out.)

I felt powerless (excuse the pun).  I really need to decide what to do.  I think I have three options – all of which will cost money although some more than others. I also want to make the greenest choice possible.


So from my above score card, I should ideally go with the solar option, it would also be a lot less work in the long run as option two would mean buying and transporting diesel, filling and turning the generator on and off.  My only issue with this is the initial outlay – I just don’t have the funds right now to do the solar option. The additional cost of changing all the lights, wiring and geysers is just too much for me right now.

I am therefore leaning towards the generator option but still need to find out more about generators and how they would tie in to my existing wiring etc.

So as you can see – by far, the easiest option would be to call up the national supplier and place my order but  that’s just one thing I can’t do.

Wind and water power generation won’t work here for me but if anyone has any other suggestions or things that I need to consider further please comment below.  I would really appreciate your input.


4 thoughts on “Power play (2)

  1. I don’t know what to tell you. Obviously, the electric company has you over a barrel and they know your options are extremely limited. Unless you got money growing on the trees, I don’t see that you have much choice but to go the generator route or pay the electric co. Either way, your gonna get the short end of the stick.


  2. I know that the cost of solar has been dropping as the manufacturing becomes more efficient and more people buy systems, but it can still be a lot of money upfront.

    What kind of roof do you have? If it’s metal, you can use thin film solar which is supposed to be a LOT cheaper than traditional panels.


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