Room with a view

This morning at 5.10 am I received an sms from The Bean.  She was messaging me from her cottage on the other side of the swimming pool.  The message said “Look outside”

This was the view from my windows

These are female impala- the same ones I blogged about here (it’s a funny post so, go on – read it.)  They are about to drop their babies.  These buck have the amazing ability to hold their pregnancies until conditions are favorable for their babies.  As soon as some more green grass and leaves appear they will start giving birth.  Last year some of them were as late as December.

In the last picture you can also see a female kudu in the background – she has an identity crisis and thinks she is an impala.  She is the only permanent kudu on the reserve but we have a suspicion that two gentlemen kudu’s visited her a few months ago.  We are hoping for some babies.  Kudu are difficult to keep in a reserve because they can jump any fence or wall so the farms around here “share” them.

3 thoughts on “Room with a view

  1. Simply amazing! Obviously, around here we would have to go to a zoo to see most of the animals that you encounter right outside of your home. I envy your “room with a view”. Have a great day Jackie!


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