Mamma Mia – I have a dream…

The Bean’s school put on a production of Mamma Mia last night – it was really great.  They adapted the script so that it was set on a game lodge in the bush.  There were a lot of laughs and much fun was had by the cast and the audience.  Well done!  It was performed in the open air under some beautiful trees.  The sound and lighting were excellent for an outside show.
Picture 001

Picture 008

Picture 010

They skipped my favorite song from the movie so I thought I would add it here for your listening pleasure.  Before we moved back to SA we spent 10 days on the Greek island next to the one that this movie was filmed on – absolute bliss…..


2 thoughts on “Mamma Mia – I have a dream…

  1. That is so cool that it was held outside and changed up to fit your local theme…..and I HATE YOU! for getting to go to the Greek Isles!!! It’s been on my bucket list for decades! 🙂


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