There are so many little things going on in our lives here but nothing that warrants a full blog post so I have decided to post a few snippets instead.


My Bean is turning 18 this month ( I know!) and we have been busy planning her birthday party.  Its going to be an exclusive little do in the middle of the bush with sushi and a bonfire and a small group of friends.  She gave out hand-made invitations last week. (see pic)








Our art exhibition was held on Saturday at the African Summer Spa in Hoedspruit.  It was great fun and there were many pictures on display.  I was lucky enough to sell one of my paintings.

Thank you so much to Anne Watt who is our wonderful teacher. She set up everything and stayed the whole day to sell our pictures.







I have finally started on the construction of my veggie garden.  Yes, construction!  Because of the environment I live in, the garden needs to be fully enclosed to protect the veggies from animals – this includes being closed over the top to stop monkeys and baboons from getting in.  They will bounce on this roof so it must be strong.  The roof also needs to have shade cloth on to lower the growing temperatures and cut down on sunburn.  It will take me a while to get it all built/constructed but at least I have finally started.








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